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Factory Visit, Learning and Sharing

Factory Visit, Learning and Sharing

Zhejiang Jiurui Industry and Trade Co., Ltd. is located in a corner of Jinhua City, Zhejiang Province. It is a factory integrating production, manufacturing, research and development. It is responsible for the production and processing of thermos cups, including sublimation cups, stainless steel water bottles, thermos bottles, plastic cups, glass Water bottle.
Process introduction
Each cup is inspected one by one on the assembly line, screened for unqualified products, and the unqualified products are reprocessed or discarded

Then pack the qualified products into boxes, pack them together according to a fixed quantity and pack them in plastic baskets to prevent deformation from being squeezed.

The packaged products are loaded and sent to the U.S. warehouse, and arrive at the U.S. warehouse and Canadian warehouse by sea, while the products from the overseas warehouse will be sent to the customer as soon as possible, and the delivery time only takes 2-7 working days.


Post time: May-23-2022