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How to wash the stainless steel tumbler?

How to wash the stainless steel tumbler?


The thermos cup is relatively difficult to wash. The thermos cup is made of stainless steel and is generally not too smooth. The inner wall of many thermos cups has the appearance of shallow stripes. Furthermore, the thermos cup mouth is very narrow, and it is not easy to reach in. Therefore, the scrubbing is not clean, and as I said before, some beverage stains will be left after pouring hot tea and coffee, which is even more difficult to clean. Today’s article will teach you a few small methods, so that you can easily and easily clean the cup.

First: Clean the deposited stains. The deposited stains mentioned here refer to some deposits of coffee and tea. After sticking to the stainless steel cup wall, it will be difficult to clean up. It is time-consuming and laborious to brush alone, and the effect is not obvious. In fact, prepare half a cup. White vinegar and half a cup of water can be poured into a stainless steel cup. White vinegar has a softening effect and can soften scale. These deposits can also be softened. After pouring it, you can soak it overnight. Pour it out the next day and rinse it a little. It’s ok, but the white vinegar smells relatively strong, and the clean cup can be ventilated for a while.

Second, clean the odor. Because the thermos cup is closed, if it cannot be brushed every day, it is very easy to have peculiar smell. If you open the cup in the morning to drink some water, and you smell a strange smell, this water must not be drinkable. .

In fact, the peculiar smell of the cup is due to the deterioration of the cup to a certain extent. It needs to be brushed repeatedly after inserting the cup brush into the cup, including the lid of the cup. After all brushing is clean, it is air-dried. If there is no smell, it is fine. If there is still a smell, you can squeeze a few broken tea leaves into the cup, put it overnight, and then throw it away, which is very convenient.

Third: Disinfection. Everyone knows that baby bottles need to be sterilized regularly. In fact, the thermos cups used by adults also need to be sterilized regularly. The thermos cups are like tableware. They have long-term contact with food and are more safe to use, especially After a cold, such personal items need to be disinfected even more. If there is a dishwasher at home that can be sterilized by ultraviolet rays, it can be directly sterilized in the dishwasher.

Post time: Feb-28-2022