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Let’s go Huadun A romantic day in Kangding

Let’s go Huadun A romantic day in Kangding

In July, we embarked on a journey, carrying our luggage. We were going to know beautiful Kangding. A wonderful journey starts now.

The traditional travel of Huadun is inseparable from our daily work. As a company in Chengdu, the place we are going to this time is the nearby Ganzi Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture with a 2560-meters-altitude.


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Kangding is the capital of Ganzi Prefecture of Ganzi Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Sichuan Province, located in the east of Ganzi. Kangding has a long and splendid history and culture. It is the throat of Sichuan and Tibet, an important town on the ancient tea-horse road, and the center of the intersection of Tibet and Han.


Since ancient times, it has been the political, economic, cultural, commercial, information center, and transportation hub of Kangba Tibetan area. Covering an area of 11,600 square kilometers, the city is dominated by Tibetans, with Han, Hui, Yi, Qiang and other ethnic groups living together. Kangding is an important, historical, and cultural city in western China.


We departed from Chengdu, experiencing a bumpy road. Spending about 5 hours, we finally got to our destination, but it is worthy, since Kangding is so beautiful.



While the sun went down, with the afterglow of the setting sun, we climbed to the highest peak. As the golden sun shone all over the earth, at this moment, time seems to stand still, like a beautiful oil painting, intoxicated, and carefree.

As night fell, we had a delicious roasted whole lamb as our dinner. Tender lamb is a local specialty. If you come here one day, please try this dish with no doubt.



Bonfires is a way for the locals to celebrate the festival. Everyone sang and danced around the bonfire. Each cell of our bodies is feeling the local customs and culture.

We enjoy the food, enjoy the dance, enjoy everything that this journey has brought us.



When you truly overcome the difficulties of long-distance travel, the discomfort of altitude sickness, and the changes in unfamiliar environments, you can then truly observe the most beautiful scenery, just like this trip. We are here to take risks and share. Courage, responsibility, responsibility, unity, and wisdom are the indelible spirits of our team. We will forge ahead. Just like our slogan, we are always on the road.

We hope to share these wonderful feelings with those who love to travel. We truly hope that our journey can also bring you the wonderful feelings.


Post time: Aug-01-2022