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Tips To Convection Oven Users

Tips To Convection Oven Users


It is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED to use an additional internal thermometer to verify the actual temperature inside the oven. Just setting the oven to 365 doesn’t always mean the temperature inside. All ovens are different. It DOES NOT MATTER what your oven is set on. 350, 375, 400. Just make SURE your inside temperature is between 350-370 on your internal thermometer.

Bake for 4.5 to 5 minutes. This is the ideal time. In most cases 6 minutes is to long. You can burn or scorch the sub paper.

Watch the tumbler. You can see the image start popping through when its close to being done. Especially when you use shrink wrap. Using painters tape it alittle harder to see. But start out at around 360 for 4.5minutes.
NOW WITH ALL THAT BEING SAID. If you are using a smaller convection oven where you must lay your tumbler down then it is still advised to rotate them atleast one time. This is because they are still closer to the top and bottom heating elements. Even with the fan running I would rotate.

Now if you have the larger French door ovens you can lay them down or stand them up. I personally lay mine down on the middle rack and do not rotate. Because they are farther away from the heating elements and rotating is not really needed. If you stand them up I would still rotate only because the bottom of the tumbler is closer to the 2 heating elements on the bottom since your placing the tumbler between them.

Everyone wants to HELP and post their times and temps but unless you know exactly what oven they are using and if they are USING AN INTERNAL THERMOMETER to set there oven you can’t guarantee those settings will work for you.

Everyone have a wonderful day and hope your tumblers come out beautiful!

Post time: Feb-28-2022