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Team Introduction

Team Introduction

HUADUN was founded in 2013, is a collection of production, sales and service in one, with the cup of manufacturing, services in the domestic market, explore the overseas market trading company, the company from its inception a few person team, grow up to be singular 50 people team in the industry, the company continuously seek to develop at the same time, also has accumulated rich experience in the glass, It also has a large customer base, including Amazon, Taobao and other well-known e-commerce platforms, to provide them with high quality and stable supply of goods, helping them to build high-quality stores with sustainable development. The company has also built its own overseas warehouses all over the United States and Canada, so that customers can receive goods in the fastest way.

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The company has been very cohesive, full of vitality, with a sense of struggle, the courage to accept the challenge of the young team after 90, everyone plays their own roles, clear division of labor, toward the same goal, contribute their precious strength.

Employee induction training, so that employees are familiar with their own products, understand the advantages of their products, feel the team atmosphere.

Irregular team-building activities enable everyone to promote friendship, exchange emotions, enhance team cohesion and tacit understanding in daily work.

I often participate in training to improve my business ability and solve the problems encountered by everyone in the industry, discuss the development direction of the industry, summarize methods, exchange experiences and create a happy atmosphere.

Birthday party, care for employees, let every employee feel the warmth like home, send blessings from the company.

Annual meeting, summing up the year's gains and losses, looking forward to the future goals.

More importantly, the company has a fair and transparent promotion pathway, and hard work is recognized.

Or any colleague who makes a significant contribution to the company will be given a raise or promotion as appropriate.

Every employee can feel the warmth of the big family since they come to the company. Under this background, we cooperate and complement each other.

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HUADUN was able to achieve today's achievement, and the management of the company, the boss of vision, of course, inseparable, but more important is everyone in the team cooperation, everyone know their role in the team, can be more accurate to find their own positioning, can perfect blend in the team, team members can work according to the needs of the spontaneous response, Coping strategies, taking appropriate actions at the moment to achieve their goals and solve current difficulties. To do this, it takes not only the quality of the team members themselves, but also the culture of the company, which motivates us, makes us creative, and influences every new employee.

To sum up, no matter where we have advantages or disadvantages, a successful or gradually successful team must have the following points: 1) mutual tolerance, 2) seeking advice with an open mind, 3) clear rewards and punishment, 4) complementing each other's strengths and weaknesses, 5) concerted efforts